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Welcome to the Milwaukee County
Veterans Treatment Court

The MCVTC is a far reaching criminal justice court designed to link Veterans with evidence based rehabilitative services that address their individual criminogenic needs.

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Program Overview

The Milwaukee County Veterans Treatment Court (MCVTC) program:

  • Is a voluntary program designed to successfully rehabilitate Veterans in recognition of their service to our country and the challenges they and their families may encounter.

  • MCVTC diverts Veterans from the traditional criminal justice system into a specialty court specifically designed with the needs of Veterans in mind and strives to provide Veterans with the tools they need to lead productive and law abiding lives.

Program Goals

  • REIGNITE the core values of military service into Veteran participants’ daily routines.

  • REDUCE criminal recidivism and other court contacts.

  • FACILITATE sobriety, abstinence, and improved behavioral health.

  • INCREASE compliance with treatment and other court ordered conditions.

  • WORK to alleviate issues surrounding Veteran participants’ service-related behavioral health issues.

  • ENSURE available VA benefits and services are accessed by Veteran participants.

  • INTEGRATE community based treatment options and services as appropriate.

  • IMPROVE Veteran participants’ family relationships and social support connections.

  • IMPROVE Veteran participants’ economic stability.

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MCVTC Referrals

Anyone may refer cases involving Veterans to the MCVTC, including, but not limited to:

  • Attorneys
  • Veterans
  • Probation or extended supervision agents
  • Family members
  • Sentencing judge
  • Community Partners

MCVTC Admission Approval

The District Attorney’s office will review the eligibility standards for the referred Veteran and determine if the charges and sentencing guidelines are appropriate for participation in the MCVTC.

To be eligible for participation, a prospective Milwaukee County VTC participant must:

  • Have served in the United States Armed Forces and have received a discharge other than dishonorable

  • Be facing criminal charges in the Milwaukee County Circuit Court

  • Be reviewed and approved by the MCVTC Team to determine appropriateness for participation

  • Agree to appear at all required MCVTC court sessions

Program Components

The MCVTC has adopted the following key components as its essential tenets:

  • MCVTC integrates alcohol, drug treatment, and behavioral health services with justice system case management.

  • Using a non-adversarial approach, prosecution and defense counsel promote public safety while protecting participants’ due process rights.

  • Eligible participants are identified early and promptly admitted to MCVTC.

  • MCVTC provides access to a continuum of alcohol, drug, behavioral health and related treatment services.

  • Abstinence is monitored by frequent alcohol and other drug testing.

  • A coordinated strategy involving consistent case management that governs the responses to participants’ compliance.

  • Ongoing judicial interaction with each Veteran is essential.

  • Monitoring and evaluation measures the achievement of program goals and gauges effectiveness.

  • Continuing interdisciplinary education promotes effective planning, implementation, and operation.

  • Forging partnerships generates local support and enhances the VTC’s effectiveness.


Tommie, Army Veteran

“I think it was helpful in giving us a second chance at life, because we could have ended up in a whole lot of different situations, we were given a second opportunity to stay clean and be a productive member of society.”

Nathan, National Guard

“I’ve had help from a lot of community resources, which to include the Dry Hooch, and they really helped me out when I was flat on my back.”

Karen, Navy Veteran

“I thought I was being, like, punished. . . . But since I’ve been in this program, I’ve been so inspired to change for the better and to strive to be a better person and do something with my life instead of just doing it on pass. It has taught me to move forward, and it has also taught me that if you seek help, people will help you.”

Handbook and Eligibility


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want to represent myself during my court appearances?2019-09-16T21:47:55+00:00

You must have an attorney to participate in MCVTC.

I don’t have transportation because of my OWI, how am I supposed to get to treatment and court?2019-09-16T21:48:16+00:00

When available, MCVTC may provide bus tickets for transportation.

I do not live in Milwaukee County, but have charges issued out of Milwaukee County. Can I participate in MCVTC?2019-09-16T21:48:39+00:00

You may still participate in MCVTC, however, it is up to you to make sure you are present for all treatment appointments and court appearances.

How often do I need to present to court?2018-09-03T23:20:59+00:00

It will depend on how well you are doing in the program, but no more than once per week. Unless you are told your appearance is waived you must be present at all court appearances.

What’s the benefit of going through MCVTC rather than the traditional court process?2019-09-16T21:49:24+00:00

Successful completion of the program may result in charges being reduced or dismissed which often results in a decrease of potential jail time, reduced fines and allows for a lesser impact to your overall criminal record.

What’s a monitoring agency?2019-09-16T21:49:40+00:00

The agency that will be working with you while you are in MCVTC ( Veterans Affairs, Center for Veterans Issues and/or Department of Corrections).

Do I need to appear for the MCVTC staffings?2019-09-16T21:47:16+00:00

Your attorney is the only one that should be present, you do not have to be present for staffing.

Do I need the court’s permission to travel outside of Milwaukee County?2018-09-07T00:37:58+00:00

If you plan to miss treatment, court appearances or drug screens Court authorization is required prior to traveling.

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